About The Alpha Group

The Alpha Group Global Achievements

  • Over three (3) million powering solutions in operation globally
  • Over 35 years of powering solution expertise
  • Over $500 million in annual sales
  • Over 2,000 employees

The Alpha Group is an alliance of independent companies sharing a common philosophy - to create world-class powering solutions. Alpha pioneered the concept of reliable, uninterruptible power for communications and broadband networks, and in the process has established a 35-year legacy of visionary, market-driven power solutions. Today, Alpha continues to focus on providing the most reliable, innovative and efficient powering solutions available as evidenced by the size and loyalty of its global customer base.

Through innovative engineering and a commitment to excellence, The Alpha Group has established itself as an industry leader in the design and manufacture of AC and DC power conversion, protection, and standby products for the global market. The sophistication of today's world has created a demand for reliable power more critical than ever before. With more than 35 years of aggressive research and development, The Alpha Group can ensure fast effective solutions. The Alpha Group products can be found in a diverse field of industries including Cable TV/Broadband , Telecom, Wireless, WiMax, Headend, Renewable Energy, Utility, Industrial, Medical, Security, Parking, Traffic Control, Access Control and Commdata.

Member companies include:

  • Alpha Technologies Inc.alpha-inc

    Alpha Technologies Inc., a member of The Alpha Group, provides the communications industry with the most reliable, technologically advanced and cost-effective powering solutions available. Alpha offers innovative and custom-configured powering solutions designed to meet the complex demands of today's power grid, built to support future expansion and provide unlimited opportunity. Widely used in cable television, communications and data networks worldwide, Alpha products have earned a reputation for reliability and performance. Alpha provides a full line of power products including: standby, non-standby and uninterruptible power supplies, surge suppressors, enclosures, batteries and powering accessories.

  • Alpha Technologies Ltd.alpha-ltd

    Alpha Technologies Ltd. a member of The Alpha Group, is an established leader in the design, manufacture, service and installation of powering solutions for the Telecom, CATV (Canada), Traffic, Security, Medical, Industrial, and Renewable Energy industries. The company offers a broad portfolio of high-quality, feature-rich solutions that can be customized to suit almost any application and environment, offering the highest performance and best value in the industry. With a focus on being your power solutions partner, Alpha builds on over 30 years of experience to develop solutions that resolve customers' unique powering challenges.

  • Altair Advanced Industries, Inc.altair-advanced

    Altair Advanced Industries, Inc., a member of The Alpha Group, is a contract manufacturing organization that serves all Alpha Group companies as well as third parties across the U.S. and Canada. Altair's vertically integrated manufacturing facilities provide state-of-the-art technology including CNC fabrication, PCB assembly, powdercoat finishing, product integration, assembly and testing.
    Web: Find out more about Altair Advanced Industries inc.

  • Alpha Industrial Powerindustrial
    Alpha Industrial Power, Inc. A member of The Alpha Group, provides innovative, industrial-grade powering solutions for large-scale operations. With over 30 years’ experience, Alpha offers flexible and dependable systems to fit unique applications and deliver consistent, superior performance. AIP provides a full line of industrial-grade power products including comprehensive battery systems, intelligent chargers and uninterruptible power supplies. Applications include power generation facilities, substations, electrical utilities, transportation systems, communication networks and other enterprises with unique powering requirements.

  • Alpha Technologies Services Inc.alpha-inc

    Alpha Technologies Services, Inc., a member of The Alpha Group, provides maintenance, repair, technical support, warranty services and customer training programs for all Alpha Group products. Alpha’ state-of-the-art repair and development depots are strategically located around the world, accommodating product restoration and refurbishment, product improvement, research and modification. ATS provides around-the-clock customer service, with trained field service engineers available and ready to administer routine system maintenance or emergency service repair.

  • Alpha Technologies SA alpha-ltd

    Alpha Technologies SA, a member of The Alpha Group, is a pioneer in the field of power technology. Recognized for its highly reliable standard and custom-designed power solutions, Alpha has become a prime supplier to market leaders in the telecom, traffic and medical segments throughout Europe. Alpha invests continuously in end-to-end solutions from site monitoring and control, to network management. The objective is to reduce the total cost of ownership of its customers including, among others, installation and maintenance costs, energy savings and assets management.

  • Outback Power Technologies, Inc.

    Outback Power Technologies, a member of The Alpha Group, is the leading designer and manufacturer of advanced power electronics for renewable energy, backup power and mobile applications. With an emphasis on product performance, OutBack has established itself as the product of choice in harsh environmental conditions where product reliability is paramount. For grid-tied, grid-interactive, and off-grid applications, OutBack has advanced power conversion electronics to make your renewable energy system efficient and dependable.

  • Alpha Energyalpha-energy

    Alpha Energy, member of The Alpha Group and a division of Alpha Technologies Services, is a full-service engineering and project development company for the distributed generation power industry. Alpha is recognized as a market innovator in packaging renewable energy technologies and is one of the leading developers of turn-key photovoltaic systems for commercial, residential, institutional and remote applications. Utilizing solar, wind and alternative resources, Alpha Energy provides innovative power conversion solutions for the most demanding applications.

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