HFC Standby Power Supply Monitoring Solution
Continuity SPS (Standby Power Supply) is a flexible, powerful standby power supply status monitoring solution. Based on HMS and DOCSIS standards, Continuity SPS supports any standards based transponder, providing cable operators with a centralized, feature-rich web-enabled tool to monitor all the standby power supplies in their network, even in a multi-vendor environment.
  • Proactive status monitoring enables higher service levels required for VoIP, data and advanced video services
  • Realtime alarm notification and acknowledgement helps reduce downtime due to power failures
  • Realtime and historical reporting on the status of standby power supplies across the network
  • Proactive test scheduling allows operators to schedule standby testing to identify risk areas in the network so battery maintenance can be scheduled before an outage occurs
  • Highly configurable administrative interface offers operators complete control in enabling and defining minor and major alarms for any monitored elements
  • Easy to deploy platform uses the most advanced web technologies to assist in the installation, provisioning and configuration of transponders and associated hardware

Continuity Screens

Network Health Dashboard

Network Health Dashboard

The Network Health Dashboard allows for easy identification of individual power supply status throughout the network.;

Continuity Mapping

Continuity Mapping

Easily identify power supply locations in the network with Continuity mapping screens.

power Supply Detail

Power Supply Detail

Device specific data displays give key details for each individual power supply that Continuity monitors.

XM3 apps screens

XM3-HP Apps Screen

Vital information available through the Alpha XM3 power supply platform is now displayed, including Smart Alpha Guard status, Battery Runtime and Remaining Life Expectancy.