Specific Energy Requirements
Specialized Industrial Power

Product Highlights

  • Backup power for switchgear equipment
  • Energy conversion
  • Description

    With more than 30 years of expertise integrating AC and DC power system, The Alpha Group is strongly positioned to provide a powering system in any industrial atmosphere. Whether incorporating renewable energy technology or an innovative backup power solution, Alpha engineers work to provide innovative solutions for your powering needs. 

    Backup Power For Switchgear Equipment
    Variation in powering needs and situations allow switchgear design and modification packages to be highly customized. Alpha Industrial Power’s applications engineers will work with you to design, build or modify a DC or AC backup system to meet your energy needs.

    Energy Conversion
    Hybrid systems that incorporate photovoltaics, wind and specialized battery cells (energy storage) provide improved reliability. Hybrid power systems can generate power in two ways: by wind with built-in wind turbines and by sun via photovoltaic panels. These systems are ideal for telecommunications, lighting and security applications.

    Technical Specifications

    • Please contact Alpha Technologies Inc. for full product specifications.