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Alpha Technologies Introduces Revolutionary Broadband Small Cell Densification Technology

alphagateway pressreleaseBELLINGHAM, Wash. – October 5, 2017 – Alpha Technologies Inc. announces the introduction of its AlphaGateway BSC, a revolutionary new product that enables Broadband Small Cell capability via the HFC plant.


With global mobile data traffic expected to increase more than 10-fold by 2020, Mobile Network Operators urgently need to increase their network capacity. Built to be the ideal link between what MNO’s need and what MSO’s have, the newly developed AlphaGateway BSC (Broadband Small Cell) joins the growing family of Outside Plant Gateways from Alpha Technologies.


Alpha’s latest transformative broadband technology, developed specifically for Small Cell applications, is the perfect solution that meets Small Cell’s high power, high bandwidth requirements. The AlphaGateway BSC receives its power and bandwidth directly from the HFC network, utilizing hardened components to transform and “clean” it into reliable power and data backhaul.


Similar to the AlphaGateway SMG, the BSC connects to the HFC network through a power-passing tap on the strand. The four power outputs on the device provide 80-90VAC connections totaling 300W. An internal DOCSIS 3.1 modem provides 1Gbps backhaul for an external router. When fully installed, the AlphaGateway BSC provides power and backhaul for up to four Small Cell devices, massively boosting the Operator’s network capacity via data offload.


Considering that cable operators have a massive footprint of HFC networks, not only does this provide highly reliable broadband power to the BSC, it also provides the proper real estate needed to aggressively pursue widespread Small Cell deployment. Requiring no permits or easements, the time and cost of securing traditional Small Cell installations is significantly lower via the strand-mounted AlphaGateway BSC. Small Cell deployment becomes simple and scalable.


With its ability to provide the critical components of power, backhaul, and real estate, the AlphaGateway BSC is another catalyst in Alpha’s growing product solutions that provides new and exciting revenue opportunities to MSO’s. Contact your local Alpha Sales Representative for more information on the AlphaGateway BSC.


About Alpha Technologies
Alpha Technologies Inc. provides power conversion, protection and standby products for telecommunications and cable television industries, including custom, application-specific power solutions and hardened, powered gateways for data backhaul applications. In addition to product development, Alpha Technologies provides a comprehensive range of installation and maintenance services, software solutions and consulting services to support its global customer base. Alpha Technologies is a member of The Alpha Group. For more information about Alpha power solutions, visit