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Alpha Technologies Showcases LoRaWAN Technology in Latest Gateway Offering for IoT Applications


alphaBELLINGHAM, Wash. – October 5, 2017 – Alpha Technologies Inc. announces the latest outside plant gateway innovation combining the traditional strength of HFC infrastructure with one of the fastest emerging technologies in the IoT (Internet-of-Things) field. Combining power and backhaul with LoRaWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) technology, the AlphaGateway IoT is the premiere single-box solution for IoT data communications.


According to a recent study of the growth of the Internet-of-Things market, the total number of global M2M (Machine to Machine) connections will grow from 6 billion in 2015 to 27 billion in 2025. This market is estimated to generate $3 trillion in revenue by 2025 with 22% ($660B) originating in the United States. Low Power Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) technology is the emerging solution to enable these M2M connections.


The HFC networks provide a strong infrastructure to support the topology of the LoRaWAN network architecture with its redundant electrical power, backhaul capability, and real estate. To leverage the HFC plant, there must be strategically placed power and backhaul-capable gateways to aggregate and bi-directionally transmit data traffic from sensors.


The AlphaGateway IoT is the bridge between the HFC networks infrastructure and the fastest emerging technology in IoT: LoRaWAN. Powering directly from the HFC coax plant, transforming and “cleaning” the power, the AlphaGateway IoT provides the necessary power and backhaul required for the multi-channel, duplex transmissions of IoT data communications.


With LoRaWAN technology in the single-box AlphaGateway IoT, rapid deployment of IoT technologies becomes simple and scalable with minimal investment. The AlphaGateway IoT is an innovative enabler to manifest the IoT deployment vision, providing new services and revenue opportunities for network operators.


The AlphaGateway IoT will be on display at this year’s Cable-Tec Expo in Denver, October 18-20 at Alpha’s booth #677. Contact your local Alpha Sales Representative for more information on the AlphaGateway IoT.


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