Fiber Deep Infrastructure Solution
  • Part Number: Consult Alpha for PN
  • Product Line: Fiber Network UPS System
Fiber Node Enclosure

Product Highlights

  • Enough width to access both sides of node
  • Sides/back formed from a single sheet of aluminum, keeping enclosure rigid/square
  • Universal node mounting bracket
  • Sloped roof improves cooling
  • Mounts to concrete pad or fiber vault
  • Description

    The Fiber Node Enclosure was designed from the ground up to make installing a node quick and secure.

    The FNE employs a universal bracket for quick mounting of nodes into the enclosure. Removable side panels allow easy access to fittings when mounting passive devices using enclosure to enclosure fittings. If enclosure to enclosure fittings are not used, universal mounting brackets are available to mount nodes in various locations.

    The enclosure is thermally designed to bring cool air from the enclosure relay up and across the node and out the enclosure exhaust in the front. The lid is sloped to improve the airflow as heat rises in the enclosure. For higher temperature environments, a cooling fan option if also available