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Power is more than what we do, it’s what fuels us. A pioneer in recognizing the need for broadband sector solutions,
our products include advanced gateway solutions, standby, non-standby and uninterruptible power supplies,
network fiber solutions, renewable energy products, enclosures, batteries, and more.

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Multipurpose Power Supply
FlexNet FMPS

Product Highlights

  • 150W Fiber-to-the-Premise UPS for multiple dwelling, multiple tenant and small business unit applications
  • Supports one or two MDU/SBU ONTs located up to 100ft from FMPS
  • Battery management functionality performs periodic battery capacity testing and status reporting to the ONT and customer
  • Hybrid 16AWG and alarm cable minimizes installation labor
  • Built-in battery heater provides extended runtime for applications in cold weather conditions
  • Status indicators and audible alarm provide local status
  • Options for dry contact and PacketCableTM compliant telemetry connections to ONT and MTA