Global Market Standby Power Supply
  • Part Number: Consult with Alpha for PN
  • Product Line: Outdoor Power Supply
  • Related Categories: CableUPS Power Supplies
GMX Series

Product Highlights

  • Line Interactive Ferro Technology
  • Embedded DOCSIS® monitoring option
  • Wide input voltage range of ±30%
  • Compact packaging with lightweight Ferro
  • Field programmable flash memory
  • Built-in battery circuit breaker
  • IEC style line cord
  • Description

    Alpha’s GMX Series CableUPS® is a cost-effective standby power supply designed for powering signal processing equipment in cable television and broadband LAN distribution systems. It provides a critical load with current-limited, regulated, AC power that is free of spikes, surges, sags and noise. The GMX’s line interactive ferro topology allows it to compensate for input voltage variations of ±30% while providing constant output voltage.

    Alpha’s GMX is a cost-effective CableUPS® designed for cable operators who need a reliable, basic uninterruptible power supply. Features of the GMX include an embedded status monitoring card slot, smart display, terminal block output connections, 63 and 87V output taps, external battery temperature probe, built-in chassis handle and removable MOV’s.