DataSafe NPX
FTTx Batteries

Product Highlights

  • Specifically engineered for long life float service and standby applications
  • Qualified with Alpha’s FlexPoint™ and FlexNet™ battery backup power supplies
  • 1-year typical and 3-year warranty option for the 7.2Ah battery
  • UL recognized component per UL 1989 for standby batteries
  • Description

    Alpha complements the FlexPoint™ and FlexNet™ line of battery backup Fiber-to-the-Home power supplies with long life, maintenance-free VRLA batteries. FTTx 12Vdc batteries are engineered to provide reliable long service life demanded by the float service application, where the battery is infrequently called upon to support critical communications service during loss of utility power. Unlike general purpose and deep cycle batteries designed for frequent discharges and high energy output, the FTTx float service battery employs a unique chemistry and thicker plates to ensure long life.