Surge Suppression System
  • Part Number: Model ATVSS
  • Product Line: Surge Protection
  • Related Categories: Inside Plant Power

Product Highlights

  • Isolates the load from damaging transients and all other abnormal line conditions
  • Safe operation – no explosions, no smoke, no fumes and no flames
  • Lifetime of 20+ years
  • NEMA 4-IP65 rated enclosure
  • UL recognized surge suppression Type 2 UL 1449 3rd Ed. 2011
  • Description

    The AlphaTVSS™ uses an innovative design based on years of market research to safely conduct to ground all power surges. Its rigid metal construction and ability to handle particularly high energy levels, in conjunction with the use of single, high-capacity industrial heavy-duty Metal Oxide Varistors, offer excellent performance against transient lightning currents of up to 200,000A. The explosion and fire risks common to most conventional protection systems are eliminated. The AlphaTVSS’s unique design ensures more than 20 years of trouble and maintenance-free operation.

    The Strikesorb® surge suppression module’s unique design provides low internal contact resistance, excellent thermal management of the MOV, and uniform distribution of the surge current over the total area of the protection element, resulting in an extremely high energy handling capability and very low let-through voltages. Strikesorb’s patented design minimizes the effects of aging and completely eliminates the risk of catastrophic failure, explosion, or fire.