Remote Battery Monitoring
  • Part Number: Consult Alpha for PN
  • Product Line: Battery Accessories
  • Related Categories: Batteries
  • Intelligent site controller monitors up to 6 strings of 40 batteries (240 total batteries)
  • Low power consumption minimizes runtime impact
  • Monitors 2V or 12 V cells (with appropriate sensor)
  • Monitors strings and cell voltage, admittance, individual cell temperature, ripple current and float current for a comprehensive, real-time picture of the state of your battery bank
  • Description

    The PowerAgent™ battery monitoring system provides detailed, real-time information on batteries to reduce costly truck rolls and ensure actual outage backup times are not unknowingly compromised by degraded batteries. Scalable up to 6 strings of 40 batteries each, the system provides detailed information on every battery, from float and discharge current to individual cell temperatures and string voltages. This, and a wealth of other information (including alarms) can be monitored directly via SNMP. Alternatively, alarms can be monitored via the Cordex™ Controller with optional Remote Output Modules (ROMs) from Phoenix.