72" GR-487 Dual Compartment Enclosure

Product Highlights

  • Dual compartment power enclosure provides operational cost savings using a heat exchanger to cool equipment in the sealed upper compartment and ambient cooling for batteries in vented lower compartment
  • 11RU in upper compartment provides room for rectifiers, distribution and customer equipment; 3 battery trays in lower compartment for 155Ah size or larger batteries
  • Maximum power supported 28kW (N+1) @ -48Vdc
  • Matching battery enclosure designed to hold 5 strings of front terminal batteries configured @ -48Vdc
  • Pad-lockable door and durable powder coated aluminum construction allow for secure outdoor or indoor applications
  • Certified to GR-487 requirements, this enclosure is designed for high reliability and long operating life in extreme environments
  • Description

    Alpha outdoor enclosures bring versatility and reliability to outdoor power system enclosures. The TE72-3030 outdoor power enclosure is a dual compartment enclosure for power and batteries; designed to provide 28kW @ 48Vdc power tooutside plant Telecom equipment either as a upgrade or new site installations. Trust Alpha outdoor enclosures to provide the ultimate protection for network equipment.