Extreme Temperature Cable Broadband Batteries
  • Part Number: Models: 100XTV-150XTV-195XTV-240XTV
  • Product Line: Batteries
  • Related Categories: AlphaCell Batteries
AlphaCell XTV

Product Highlights

  • Extreme temperature Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology
  • Significant cold temperature performance improvement over gel
  • Longer runtimes help increase network reliability
  • Multiple models provide options for all network architectures
  • Power density gains allow more runtime from smaller sized battery
  • Extended service life for non-temperature controlled outdoor enclosures
  • Full 5-year replacement warranty
  • Description

    The AlphaCell XTV Battery line is specifically designed for extreme outdoor temperature applications. Its virgin lead-alloy grids minimize corrosion and maximize life expectancy.

    Patented Computerized Charge/Discharge System (CCDS) provides 100% out-of-box runtime capacity. Strategic global manufacturing and distribution locations available with
    non-spillable transportation ratings. Optimized for remote advanced status monitoring.