Extended Runtime Broadband Generator System
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  • Product Line: Generators
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AlphaGen Curbside

Product Highlights

  • Cost-effective, extended runtime solution for broadband powering applications
  • Eliminates large quantities of batteries otherwise required for extended runtime
  • Quiet operation, small size and low profile allow for easier installation in populated areas
  • Designed for stand-alone or collocated powernode applications
  • Built-in safeguards to protect the system, operators and the public
  • Safe unattended operation designed to UL2200, NFPA 37, 54, 58 & 70 standards
  • Description

    The AlphaGen™ curbside generator system is specifically designed for outside plant communication networks. Every AlphaGen™ system incorporates industry leading power technology including natural gas or propane powered engine generators, exclusive audible noise baffling, remote status monitoring features and durable weather resistant enclosures. Alpha offers a full line of AlphaGen™ systems specifically designed for easy integration with Alpha Powernodes (PN).