DOCSIS® Status Monitor for Cable Network Management
  • Part Number: Consult with Alpha for PN
  • Product Line: Status Monitoring
  • Related Categories: Status Monitoring
AlphaNet DSM2

Product Highlights

  • XM2-HP, XM2 and GMX embedded status monitoring
  • DOCSIS® and ANSI/SCTE HMS compatible
  • Advanced diagnostics when combined with XM2-HP
  • SNMP, web and local access for monitoring and advanced diagnostics
  • System management for multiple power supply and generator installations
  • Monitors up to four 36V or 48V battery strings
  • Optional VoIP testing
  • Description

    The AlphaNet™ family of networking products now includes the next generation of DOCSIS® Status Monitoring (DSM2) for power supplies. Network enable your power supply and access powerful diagnostic tools using the DSM2 embedded WEB interface and standard SNMP. Poll power supply, battery and generator data in real-time and receive alerts when power system alarms indicate noteworthy events. The DSM2 is completely configurable from the standard cable modem configuration file and can be provisioned using default cable modem settings. Customize your monitored information with configurable CM settings that are used to set alarm thresholds and power supply operating parameters.

    The SCTE-HMS Management Information Base (MIB) can be monitored with a SNMP compatible Network Management System (NMS) or with a MIB browser. MIB files are required for the MIB browser to collect data from the transponder.