External DOCSIS® Transponder for Cable Network Management
  • Part Number: Consult with Alpha for PN
  • Product Line: Status Monitoring
  • Related Categories: Status Monitoring
AlphaNet EDH4

Product Highlights

  • Add DOCSIS® status monitoring capability to existing power supplies
  • Supports standard networking interfaces including SNMP, web access and ANSI/SCTE MIBs
  • Multiple power supply models supported
  • Embedded web server for remote diagnostics
  • Optional VoIP testing features
  • Description

    Alpha’s external DOCSIS® transponder allows cable operators to manage network powering through the existing cable modem infrastructure. DOCSIS® certification, SNMP and HMS MIB support, and an embedded web server enable the EDH4 to provide network power data quickly and easily when and where it is needed. The transponder is fully interoperable with multiple power supply models and can be accessed using any SNMP Manager.

    The EDH4 can also be optionally enabled as an E-MTA to perform an advanced suite of IP and VoIP tests, thus turning it into a true cross-domain test point by combining measurements available from the HFC, DOCSIS®, IP and VoIP domains.

    The SCTE-HMS Management Information Base (MIB) can be monitored with a SNMP compatible Network Management System (NMS) or with a MIB browser. MIB files are required for the MIB browser to collect data from the transponder.