Improved Enclosure Wire Management
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  • Product Line: Enclosure Accessories
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Battery Integration Tray

Product Highlights

  • Factory installed option in any new PWE-3/6 and UPE-3/6 enclosures
  • Eliminates need for battery cable kits and slide trays
  • Pre-wired voltage sense leads for transponder and AlphaGuardâ„¢
  • Significantly reduces battery preventive maintenance
  • Batteries individually wired
  • Allows direct connection of generator
  • Description

    The Battery Integration Tray (BIT) eliminates the need for battery slide trays and allows batteries to be individually installed or removed in PWE-3/6 or UPE-3/6 enclosures. Each battery is connected using modular 75A Anderson connectors. The system greatly improves wire management, eliminates the need to stack multiple battery wire terminations and significantly reduces battery maintenance.