Upgrade for Centralized Power System
  • Part Number: Consult with Alpha for PN
  • Product Line: UPS Power Accessories
  • Related Categories: CableUPS Power Supplies
Genasys XM2 Conversion Kit

Product Highlights

  • Upgrade to proven XM2 CableUPS® topology: XM2-922 or XM2-1350-48
  • Reuses existing GENASYS enclosure, service entrance, generator and cabling
  • Embedded DOCSIS or proprietary transponders
  • Conversion Kit components NRTL/C certified
  • Available installation and testing provided by Alpha Technologies Services
  • Conversion process avoids plant downtime or service interruptions
  • Description

    The GENASYS XM2 Conversion Kit represents an innovative method of extending the functional life of field-installed GENASYS cable powering systems.
    As GENASYS systems begin to reach the end of their operational lifespan, the XM2 Conversion Kit provides the option to upgrade existing systems to XM2 topology and embedded DOCSIS or proprietary status monitoring.
    The cost-savings associated with combining viable GENASYS enclosures with new XM2 CableUPS® power systems make this a very cost-effective way of enhancing your network’s power reliability and performance.

    Maximum Load is 72 Amps at 90Vac with 7.5kW generator
    Battery condition to be verified prior to installation