High Security, High Performance Enclosure
  • Part Number: Consult with Alpha for PN
  • Product Line: Enclosure Systems
  • Related Categories: Enclosures
High Security HP Enclosure

Product Highlights

  • External locking features include 2 padlock/weld tabs and 4 corner security bolts
  • Z-bracket design in lid exhaust protects from snow ingress and wind driven rain
  • Thermally optimized sloped lid to maximize airflow
  • Powdercoated aluminum exterior
  • Description

    Alpha presents the High Security HP Enclosure to provide the toughest, most durable housing solution for critical power system components and the ultimate protection against severe weather conditions and criminal activity. Significant features include a fortified battery bar with security screws and/or padlock, 2-point hooked latch locks, a flush and reinforced door and concealed hinges to prevent unathorized access. The High Security Enclosure is a premium housing solutions for both pole and ground mount applications.