Compact Indoor/Outdoor Enclosure
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  • Product Line: Enclosure Systems
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LPE Enclosure

Product Highlights

  • Rugged and economical enclosure solution
  • Innovative active convection cooling system
  • Pole, wall or ground mount options
  • More than 40% smaller than Alpha’s standard PWE-3 system
  • Ideal for MDU and N+1/N+0 applications
  • Description

    The LPE is an ideal solution for cable network power when traditional equipment is too large or bulky. Designed for multiple dwelling units, the LPE is more than 40 percent smaller than a standard PWE enclosure. Engineered to work with the XM2-300HP power supply and a single 220 GXL or two 70 HPL-FT batteries, the LPE enclosure offers a low-profile solution to keep your customer’s communications alive.

    The LPE uses a convective airflow system to cool the interior of the enclosure. Rising warm air draws in cooler air from the underside of the enclosure to lower the internal temperature of the LPE. Benefits of this cooling method are extended equipment life and eliminating the need for a louvered front door.