Broadband Power System Enclosure
  • Part Number: Models: Single PN-3, Dual PN-3, PN-3/CE-3X2
  • Product Line: Enclosure Systems
  • Related Categories: Powernode Systems
PN-3 Configurations

Product Highlights

  • Configurable to support centralized or distributed powering architectures
  • Compatible with AlphaGen™ generator systems or multiple battery strings for extended runtime solutions
  • SUSE and EUSERC rated options available
  • NRTL/C certified to meet applicable industry standards
  • High security options
  • Description

    Alpha’s Powernode (PN) Series enclosures offer flexibility and modular expandability for broadband powering applications. Supporting centralized or distributed powering architectures, PN Series enclosures accommodate multiple power supplies, battery strings and natural gas or propane generators.