For Easy Field Installation
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  • Product Line: Enclosure Accessories
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Precast Pads

Product Highlights

  • Polymer concrete pads reinforced with mineral aggregates
  • Precast concrete pads are made from high-strength fiber cement and lightweight concrete
  • Includes 3/8" mounting hardware
  • Description

    Alpha offers a line of precast, polymer concrete pads for most Alpha enclosures including AlphaGen generator systems. All precast pads include 3/8” stainless steel mounting hardware to ease field installation. Polymer Concrete (PCC): These pads are yellow-brown in color and have a nonskid surface surrounding the enclosure area. Polyester polymer concrete consists of polyester resin binder reinforced by mineral aggregates and filters. Precast Concrete (PCD): Precast concrete pads are a composite of high-strength fiber cement and lightweight concrete, cast and cured into a monolithic slab and are further reinforced with galvanized, high-strength steel truss wire.