Radium MiniBay Series

Scalable, Environmentally Controlled Enclosures
Radium MiniBay Series
  • Scalable, environmentally controlled enclosure system
  • Natural gas or propane DC generator system supports critical communications
  • Ideal for remote optical transition applications
  • Fully integrated system and agency certified
  • Reduces operational costs and recurring costs
  • High capacity 24 or 48Vdc 3000BTU (879W) DC powered air conditioner
  • Description

    As advanced voice, video and data fiber-based services are deployed deeper into the broadband network, the need for reliable and attractive modular transition nodes increases. The Radium MiniBay supports a wide range of applications including bulk power to CATV hub and secondary hub requirements. The Raidum MiniBay is also ideal for remote optical transition applications including optical amplification, downstream DWDM demultiplexing, narrowcast combining and return path aggregation providing services to remote communities.

    The MiniBay reduces operational costs by locating the electronics where needed and avoids the recurring costs of maintaining a real-estate intensive building. Alpha’s field power services group provides turnkey installations, turn-up and test services.