Security Solutions for PWE-3 and PWE-6 Enclosures
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Security Solutions

Millions of Alpha power systems are deployed around the world and are vital to the integrity and reliability of the networks they serve. These power installations represent a significant capital investment by operators and should be protected accordingly. Alpha offers a full line of power system security solutions to help secure and protect this critical hardware from theft, vandalism and other demanding environmental conditions. 


Internal Security

  • Alpha Enclosure Tamper Switch: This magnetic door switch provides an intrusion alarm through remote status monitoring and may be ordered with normally-closed or normally-open contacts.
  • Alpha Sure-Mount Power Supply Hold-Down Bracket: This security device consists of a metal framework wrap that secures the power supply to the equipment shelf. Its fitted, wrap-around design locks the power supply in place, guarding against theft, vandalism and movement during natural disasters or other extreme conditions such as traffic accidents.
  • Alpha Sure-Mount Battery Security Device: This custom-fitted framework secures the batteries in the equipment enclosure. A hinged, double-wall reinforced cross beam with enclosed padlock housing locks the batteries in place, while still allowing access to service personnel for maintenance. A heavy-duty design and powdercoated steel construction provide the appropriate level of security to system batteries.

External Security

  • Alpha Safety-Lock Enclosure Security Bar Kit: Alpha's Enclosure Security Bar prevents unauthorized access to pole-mount power system enclosures. It also helps secure enclosure contents during unforeseen emergencies or natural disaster situations. Heavy-duty reinforced steel construction and swing-away hinged design strike the right balance between protection and serviceability. An enclosed padlock housing further protects the enclosure from unauthorized access.
  • Alpha Hardened Steel Safety Padlock: This hardened steel, corrosion-resistant, thin-profile padlock is a critical element in preventing unauthorized access while still allowing keyed entry to secure areas. Restricted keyways, customer-specific keycodes and exclusive key blanks allow operators to establish a comprehensive keying strategy. It is an excellent addition to other Alpha security accessories as its size and thin-profile design fit within the enclosed padlock housings.