Service Power Interface for DOCSIS RF Monitoring Signals
  • Part Number: Consult with Alpha for PN
  • Product Line: Enclosure Accessories
  • Related Categories: Enclosure Accessories

Product Highlights

  • Single network interconnect for power and DOCSIS® RF monitoring signals
  • "ALT/ON” switch for Service Power Supply
  • RF attenuation control with SXP Pad
  • AC test points
  • -110 dBC EMI shielded cast aluminum package
  • 24-month warranty
  • Description

    Alpha extends its service power inserter family to include the SPI-RF, designed to connect the system power supply and DOCSIS® network monitoring device. The SPI-RF includes an RF port allowing connection of the transponder to the cable plant inside Alpha’s enclosures instead of placing a drop into the enclosure. This eliminates the need to have a drop placement of line passive and the associate cost for installation labor. This unit can be configured into Alpha’s PWE, UPE, PN and Node Power enclosures. Also, the SPI-RF can be removed or replaced without removal of the main cable entry assembly. An auxiliary power connection and transfer switch enables system AC power connection from a mobile source during power outages or power supply maintenance. A LED indicates the presence of primary power and a test point provides fast measurement of AC voltage.