Intelligent, High Efficiency Power Supply
XM2-HP CableUPS Series

Product Highlights

  • Featuring i2M™ Intelligent Inverter Module
  • Embedded and External DOCSIS® status monitoring
  • High efficiency transformer
  • Next-generation microprocessor
  • Backwards compatible with XM2 CableUPS®
  • 6, 18 and 24A models available
  • Up to 15% more capacity than standard models
  • Description

    Alpha’s XM2-HP CableUPS® is the answer to the higher energy costs associated with powering today’s cable networks. The XM2-HP power supply features a high efficiency transformer with lower power consumption and lower life cycle costs. This “green” power supply can greatly reduce the carbon footprint of the entire cable plant by running more efficiently 24/7. Additional features include an enhanced Smart Display with improved menus and a dedicated communications menu with DOCSIS® parameters.

    The XM2-HP is available in three convenient power ratings for load matching to operate at optimum efficiency.