Intelligent and Versatile Broadband Power Supply
XM2 CableUPS Series

Product Highlights

  • Proven CableUPS® uninterruptible power supply
  • Featuring i2M Intelligent Inverter Module
  • Embedded and External DOCSIS® status monitoring
  • Modular design with hot swappable inverter
  • Programmable, temperature-compensated battery charger
  • 10, 15 and 22A models available
  • Description

    Alpha’s XM2 CableUPS® is the industry’s leading power technology. A variety of power ratings make it an ideal match for network architectures worldwide. Advanced product design features include hot-swappable modular inverter and smart display. Optional independent dual outputs and N+1 redundant capability provide additional protection and enhanced system reliability. AC or DC generator compatibility, flexible system control and advanced status monitoring options support easy migration to clustered or centralized powering.