Next-Generation Power Supply
XM3-HP CableUPS Series

Product Highlights

  • Embedded DOCSIS® Communications
  • Embedded AlphaApps to predict service intervals and battery replacement schedules
  • Supports embedded AlphaGuard advanced battery balancing technology
  • Dynamic multi-stage battery charging technology
  • Highest output voltage regulation and highest line mode efficiency
  • Most intuitive user interface
  • Alpha XM3 3D Tour Showcase
  • From ground-breaking transformer design improvements to the integration of the most intuitive and user-friendly interface in the industry, the Alpha XM3-HP CableUPS® incorporates significant technological advancements across the entire power platform and sets the new standard in intelligent power management.

    The Alpha XM3-HP's patent-protected Advanced Ferro Technology optimizes the ferroresonant transformer's performance, providing ground-breaking efficiency ratings, improved protection levels and the tightest output voltage regulation ever offered.

    This next-generation power supply features internal intelligence capabilities that provide Network Operation Centers with the critical and highly relevant data necessary to reduce operating costs and optimize the power component of the network. Additional features include Advanced Battery Management which can increase battery life by 20 percent, reducing both capital expenditures as well as ongoing operating costs.

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